Winterborn included to Elämä Lapselle 2008 -album

Winterborn's song included to  Elämä Lapselle 2008  -album and the band also performs in the concert on september 10th 2008 at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki.

Winterborn announces more changes in their line-up

Here are some eagerly waited news from Winterborn: drummer Rami Heikkilä is no longer in the band due to personal reasons. He is replaced by fierce drummer Lauri Bexar. And the band has also another guitar player in the group. A rock solid axe-master Antti Hokkala joined in the band at the same time as Bexar. Here is what the bands frontman Vapola has to say: " We are very happy and proud to have Lauri and Antti in the band. They are such a great players and they bring extra edge in the bands playing. The new and the old material both sounds simply amazing with this new line-up! We`ve been planning for another guitar player for a while now and when I saw Antti playing an Iron Maiden cover gig with Teemu Koskela and Pasi Kauppinen, I knew he was the right man for the job. And for our luck, he was interested joining in the band and after some few reherseals, I can tell, that our playing styles fit together and compensate each other. And now the songs sound live as they should sound, because almost allways, we have some two guitar parts in the songs. And even more so on this new album which is a bit heavier than the first one. The drummer situation was kind of in the air for a while before the actual decision came to let Rami go. He still plays all the drums on this new album and did a fine fine job. But for the future of the band, we decided it was time to move on. The whole band wishes Rami a good luck on his future projects. And after we needed a drummer, me and Teemu had seen Lauri playing few gigs and really loved his style. Its just awesome to listen and watch. And what makes this all easier to us, all the new guys in the band, Pasi, Lauri and Antti have played together in different line-ups for a while now. So it makes the chemistry side of all this a bit easier. And also, we all knew each other before. Some better than the others. But the chemistry inside the band is now just amazing and it feels and sounds very fresh. Like a new beginning. It was exactly what we needed. We cant wait to get to play some gigs together. I know that this band will sound absolutely amazing live! When it comes to playing live, this band is now second to none."

The second Winterborn album will be released during this year

Its a 55 minute heavy metal masterpiece which wont let the fans down. Here`s what Vapola has to say about the album: "Well, first of all, I have say that nobody expected that it would take this long to get the album done. And actually, its not even completely finished yet. It was like all the things possible to slow down the process hitted us with this one. You know, the line-up changes, the renovation of the studio and so on. The list goes on. But now, we have still the art work to do and the final mastering. We did one mastered version but it wasn`t even close what we wanted for, so we have to do it again. When we have the time and the money. And it was impossible to do the artwork because we didn`t have the whole band together, and the whole vibe was depending on what kind of line-up we would get. And we have some difficulties with our record company considering money of course. But we`ll see how that turns out. But fighting with them have cost us a lot of time. It has felt few times like this album is impossible to get finished because all the troubles and difficulties. But now when we have the new line-up and the album mixed, its just a matter of time. And we also have to make a new contract for Finland with some label. It will also take time. But we are planning to start doing live shows as soon as possible. And what comes to the new album itself, I know it is worth waiting for. I can tell you its so much better than the first, it sounds like Winterborn. Its heavier than before but still very melodic. Its a very whole album, and some people might get suprised how heavy it is in some parts. And one thing that has to be mentioned about this album is Koskelas vocal performance. Its simply astonishing. We have managed to write such songs that fit Teemus voice perfectly. And he has found so much more confidence and different dimensions in his singing. If you liked the first album, you going to absolutely fell in love with this one. Its better in every way. It has a very different sound than the first one. And it sounds very different than almost anything out there. We tried to capture the real sound of the band, and we didn`t use any samples or anything. And as little all the pro-tools stuff as possible to make it sound like real band, not like million others out there that all sound like machines. You know, drums that sound like real drums and so on. I think we managed to do what we wanted. Its like this album sort of " breathes". Its more easier on your ears and it still rocks the hell out of you. Of course we still have to get the mastering right. We keep updating the news here in our website. And there may be coming a few sound clips from the new album in myspace. So stay tuned.


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